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The Place For People Trying To Navigate the Windy Roads of Divorce


  • If Only I had Known. . .

    Too often in life, we find out some valuable piece of information too late for it to be truly useful. A fact, a method, a shortcut that had we known at the appropriate time could have saved us money, time, stress or frustration. Or, even the opposite is true becomes sometimes we miss out on…

  • Teach Love. Not Hate.

    I often hear about divorce situations where children have become estranged from one of their parents.  Sadly in many of these instances one parent has worked hard to influence their child(ren)s viewpoint in an effort to punish their ex-spouse.  Why do so many people do this?   Why do people think that encouraging your children…

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Seems like we can ask ourselves this question about so many things throughout the course of our lifetime.  Should I stay in my current job or should I look for a new one?  Should I move out of my current home or remodel it?   And of course there is what can possibly be called the…

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VEER provides you with a clear, personalized path forward, allowing you to navigate your divorce process with stability and confidence. Every step incorporates the VEER values of integrity, wisdom and connection.

As the leader of Divorce Support Services in Texas, we are changing the way people navigate the path of ending a marriage.

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